'Art & Creativity'

Art & Creativity is created to promote art and the creativity of the artist with the main purpose to offer these arts for sales and auction to benefit charity purposes.

The love for art and global peace through art motivates us to create something good for the fellow human being.
We offer a wide range of artist which are wide spread around the world with their appointed representatives, CEO's and Presidents. 
Our aim is to reach 100 good Artists from around the world to represent us through their art and charity.

100 Arts mission is to help the disadvantaged people in the community by offering art at a ratio of 50-60 base, this means that upon sales of any artwork the artist will get 50% of the final sales price. This is valid for public sales (non private).
In case of private sales the ratio is 70% for artist & 30% for the organization. 
The amounts collected by 100 Arts will be offered solely and exclusively to charity projects, this is our guarantee !

To become a member artist the artist needs to submit 10 sharp pictures of their recent artworks (no copies of other artist or artworks).
The works will be judged by a balloting committee which will decide if the works meet the standards of the organization.
To become a member is Free of any charge ! We urge you to invite every artist to submit and join us !

We will offer the art through public exhibitions & auctions in global, Taiwan is considered the 'Paris' of Asia of East Asian Art. 
The place to be !

Every artist will get a wide spread exposure on our website and social media pages.

Come & join and become meaningful for the lesser fortunate.

With kind regards,

Mr. K. Hsu
Founder of 100 Arts & Charity.